The Sun Never Stops Shining

Given that it take your mind to mind your manners
I’ve Glimpsed your eyes shutting as the sunset reflects in them

Time to restory your storehouse of grain and up the stakes
Money has a way of flying in loops

Take your stance of authority and move aside
My way has a mass of genetical code assimilation

Conquering your Nation is a simple as dropping drones from nanoclouds
So beyond your apex of Noah’s arch a prostitute smiles and tilts

Given your mandates as weekend excursions into the desert rose
A lightening strikes a stormy weather vein and my nerves are settled

A world of topography and geography awaits for you to discover how pleasant your mind will be
I’ve Remastered your possessive malformations and those who hold on dear to what is never their’s  to lose

We had the she of he
It has us of just and trust

Get your mine of ours
Time the wine of fine lines

Stop. Done. Do your thing And move along.